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About Crystal Romanyszyn


Everything old can have a new beginning. I enjoy taking something old and giving it new life. Finding a vintage or antique object and turning it into a functional piece of art that becomes a conversation piece in someone's home is incredibly satisfying to me. 

I grew up putting things together. I hung out with my dad in his workshop and "made" things. In reality this was really just hammering pieces of wood together but it gave me the opportunity to explore. And likewise, I was also always encouraged to be creative by my mother. Always a art project nearby, I was only limited by my imagination. 

I have no doubt that has lead me to where I am now creating unique and cool lamps for others to enjoy. There is something very special seeing the smile on someone's face because a piece that I created has brought back a special memory. I am grateful I can share the history of these old pieces with new people. 

Recent Awards

Art on the Trail - First Place 2019
Images A Festival of the Arts - Award of Merit 2020

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